mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos plays football for charity !

 Juan Carlos Ferrero supports various solidarity causes and he has joined the actions to promote Champions for Africa Valencia, December 21, 2011 .
 Juan Carlos Ferrero, one of the players most laureates and former number 1 in the world, has joined the Champions campaign for Africa, the football match solidarity, organized by UNICEF Spain and Kanouté Foundation linking to the great stars of the national and international football in an effort to put in the foreground the desperate situation in which there are millions of children in Africa, and plays on 29 December in Mestalla. 
Juan Carlos has not remained impassive before the situation of famine which is suffering from the Horn of Africa, and has decided to contribute his bit to this cause , especially playing the event for the first time in its four years of life in his native Valencia. 
Juan Carlos Ferrero chairs a foundation with his name that aims to meet needs and interests of socially needy sectors and encourage the practice of sports through the promotion of sporting events, scholarships to athletes and delivery of funds to associations or groups of persons in need in general.
More information about the meeting :
the match will take place tomorrow evening in Valencia and will face two teams: one composed of players from the Spanish Liga, the other(Juan_Carlos will be in this one) of players gathered by unicef. 
WebSite : 

mercredi 21 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos and Nicolas Almagro begin their training sessions in Equelite

Here are the first pictures of Juan Carlos Ferrero and Nicolas Almagro, new resident of the Academy and now partner of Juan Carlos as they share both the same coaches Antonio Martínez Cascales and Samuel Lopes , training . 
These photos were taken before that Juan went to Argentina to play the copa argentina peugeot .
Juan and Nicolas have returned to the courts to prepare the best possible 2012 season that I hope will be very successful for them !
(source : )

samedi 17 décembre 2011

2nd day results of the copa argentina peugeot

* in the initial match of the second day, the Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis eliminated Juan Carlos Ferrero from the tournament after winning 6-3 and 6-4 in a match for the Group B. 
The Cypriot showed a solid game from the bottom of the court and dominated without problems to the Spanish to add three breaks in favour during the meeting. Baghdatis will define this Saturday his passage into the final against Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci , while Ferrero not added victories in Buenos Aires.
It's a pity for Juan Carlos but let's stay positive as we can say that , even he lost , I'm sure those two matches have been a good training session for Juan to prepare 2012 ! 
* in the second match of the day Gaël Monfils won against Fernando González :   6-3/6-4 . That means Fernando González  is also out of the competition .

vendredi 16 décembre 2011

Results of the first day at the copa argentina peugeot

The exhibition tournament "copa argentina peugeot" began yesterday with the first two matches, one in each group. 
* the first match opposed Juan Carlos Ferrero to the Argentine player David Nalbandian and David won on the score of 6-1/7-5.
The Argentine has dominated the match from the beginning to end and has not given options to his rival who was very hesitant and found no rhythm in the match of the Group B.
* later was held a match of the group A between the Chilean player Fernando González and Eduardo Schwank who won on the score of 6-3 7-5.
Here is today's schedule : 
Group B:
-20h30 local time:
 Juan Carlos Ferrero vs Marcos Baghdastis group A :
-22h30 local time: 
 Fernando González vs Gaël Monfils
* site where will be detailed the matches minute by minute (in Spanish):

mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos will participate at an exhibition tournament "copa argentina peugeot" in Buenos Aires

Juan Carlos will participate this week, from 15 to 18 December 2011 at an exhibition tournament the "copa argentina peugeot" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Here's how the tournament will be : There will be six players divided into two groups of 3 players in each .
 In each group, players will compete between themselves and the leaders of each group will compete in the final on Sunday. Each game will be played best of 3 sets which can all contain a tiebreak. 
To notice : James Blake has been replaced by our dear Juan Carlos(not present on the pic because he'll come on Thursday) and Juan Mónaco has been replaced by Fernando González 
Here is the list of the 2011 entrants:
-David Nalbandian
- Gael Monfils
- Juan Carlos Ferrero
-Fernando González
-Marcos Baghdatis
-Eduardo Schwank
Here's the official website of the tournament: 
English version (not updated):
Spanish Version :
Group A : Monfils/Gonzalez/Schwank Group B : Nalbandian/Bagdhatis/Ferrero
Here's the draw 
- Thursday : 
Gonzalez vs Schwank 
Nalbandian vs Ferrero 
Friday : 
Baghdatis vs Ferrero 
Gonzalez vs Monfils 
Saturday : 
Monfils vs Schwank 
Nalbandian vs Baghdatis
Special match : Gaudio vs Zabaleta

mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos blog : "Winners !"

"Hi everyone! 
I want to send my most sincere congratulations to the Spanish Davis Cup team which has made this country to win the fifth tittle in 11 years... It looks so easy but it's not! Hope everything continues as well as right now and I wish I could be back to the national team soon too! Big hugs for all!"
Juan Carlos Ferrero 
(source : )

Juan carlos blog : "C'mon Spain ! We can get it !"

"Hey everyone.
 I'm much less tired after this days resting and in a short period I'll be back to trainings again, probably next Thursday or Friday. Anyway, I continue working in the gym to be ready at the beginning of the season. I have been asked a lot of times about my 2012 aspirations, what I can reach, etc. The truth is that I feel that if everything goes in the correct way I hope I could be next to ranking 15 or 20 and whatever better than that will be welcomed. In addition, I want to encourage the Davis Cup team who will be working to get our 5th tittle this next weekend. Although I won't be in Sevilla next weekend, I want to send all of them all my power and, like one more fun, I will be next to TV everyday and next to my family to watch all the matches. I wish I could talk to all of you and all together could celebrate the Spanish victory against Argentina. Big hugs for all!"
Juan Carlos Ferrero 
(source : blog )

Juan Carlos blog : "Blessed Holidays !"

"Hello everyone. Hope everything is well. I have been several days on holidays and after so much ups and downs in this last season everything looks in calm. Looking back I see so much pain, suffering... and now all this is gone! In some days I'll be back to job with my whole team who, with no doubt, have been with me for all this time! Thanks so much to you too for all that time next to me, helping me, encouraging me... and although it seems it's nothing, I also feel all you pushing! We will talk again soon! Big hugs for all!"
Juan Carlos Ferrero 
(source : )

jeudi 24 novembre 2011

Juan Carlos interview

Here's an interview from Juan Carlos found on a Spanish website . Juan speaks about this season and 2012 . Enjoy !
*Located at number 50 of the world rankings, the former world number one Juan Carlos Ferrero says that if the injuries will respect him he has the "tennis" to enter the Top 25.
Q: Some injuries have been frustrated you and even you have contemplated leaving tennis. It has not been an easy season for you, as you have had to recover from an operation on your left knee and could not play many tournaments. Still, the results have been quite good with the title in Stuttgart, the quarters in the Godo or fourth round of the U.S. Open. How do you analyze your season already?
JCF: "I think the most important was to be in best form and getting results, because the work was there. It really has been hard, but I think if injuries respect me , I have still room to continue to improve."
Q: If injuries have respected  you  Throughout your career, could have we talking about a different Ferrero ?
JCF: "That'll never know. Yes it's true, sometimes  I've been unlucky in the subject of injuries, but well, hopefully now the better is to come ." 
Q: It must be frustrating for an elite tennis to live with so many injuries .it might be one of the most difficult moments career of an athlete ?
JCF: "we can feel very frustrated and even hangs out your head constantly in the shadow of leave the court. All fruit of your own disappointment of not being able to do what you like. Still, you have to keep fighting to try out the hole as soon possible.
Q: Your great time playing has not left no one indifferent, you have known to adapt your tennis game to the one of today, what is your secret?, 
JCF: "No doubt it's work and daily effort. It's something important that all young players should understand. With the physical features now required , you can not stay asleep or pass all over you. It's something we try to work also with all the boys and girls who are in my academy in Villena."
Q: What are your goals for the next season?
JCF: "For now i don't have any objectives. Indeed, if all goes well, I think I have tennis enough to be within the top 25 again."
Q: Later this year the Davis cup final will be played , the options to be selected in the four players are very remote, do you plan to attend with the team to support them in Sevilla? 
JCF: "I do not really know if I'll have something to do or not during that time, but certainly I'll ssupport my colleagues ."
Q: Speaking of Davis Cup finals, what memories brings you the final of Barcelona, where you were one of the great architects of the Spanish victory ? JCF: "It was a nice feeling. Get a win for your country is fantastic and if you get over the first Davis for Spain, it's even better."
Q: That victory gave you great confidence in your tennis and you began a numeric career , culminating with a win at Roland Garros, U.S. Open final, 4 Masters 1,000 and the number one place . what are your memories of it ?
JCF: "As always, everything is based on work and daily discipline. Those moments are very great but we can not be in the past and that is why we must continue working, even now that we are almost all on vacation."
Q: During your career as a professional , you had your best results in the south American tournaments grounds , what's what is there to play your best tennis? JCF: "Undoubtedly the surface. I think all Spanish players are good on the clay and this is a good account of track record demonstrates the great Spanish in all these tournaments."
Q: Although in recent years you've played quite well on grass and hard courts ?
JCF: "It's a different game, it needs to be more decisive at all times and pull forwards. I have always described myself as someone who has tried to play aggressively, without having waiting the unforced errors. I think this can be one of the keys."
Q: Speaking of grass, next year there'll be in London the Olympians Games. Would you like to be in the Spanish team? 
JCF: "Represent Spain in any tournament is always an important thing for any player, so certainly I would like to be inside as the rest of my teammates."
Q: the games are the priority in the agenda players like Federer and Roddick, who have their main objective here before a possible departure from the competition. In your case, do you think it will be the final appointment of your career?
JCF: "I think not. If injuries respect me , I'll try to move forward in the professional world for at least two or three years."
Q: As happens to Roddick, would you mind when people want you to retire before time?
JCF: "It's a trend around the world. When you are at a certain age the people think you are no longer able to follow playing at that level. I think it is wrong on many occasions."
Q: you are a player who is very active, as well as being in the circuit, co-owns the Valencia Open 500 and has several businesses including a tennis academy. How did the idea starting for the academy?
JCF: "The idea came through my coach and currently director of the academy, Antonio Martínez Cascales. In 1995, with an idea to have a training for a fairly high level group, we built two courts in one place near Villena. That began to grow to what we currently have, an academy at the highest level, with 20 courts, home, gym, field golf, swimming pools, parks, etc.."
Q: There are many players who have chosen your academy facilities to come to train and prepare the clay season, what do they bring to the academy ?
JCF: "I think what is important is that we never changed the philosophy of the center since this opened. We only accept 40 players at once, to give the highest possible quality , from offices, maintenance or coaches, can meet all players and the relationship of a family as possible."
To finish 10  short questions: 
1. Match that you remember most with pride :
at Roland Garros and Davis cup in Barcelona.
 2. Worst game you have played: 
against Fognini in Rome some years ago. I not found my place on the court any time. 
3. Mania in the competition:
4. How do you concentrate yourself before a match : 
I like being in the locker room with my coach, calm, relaxed.
5. Rival you would not like to be measured: 
none in particular. Each match is different. 
6. Top forehand of the circuit: 
Fernando Gonzalez.
7. Best backhand: 
8. Better service:
9. Rival most complete :
David Ferrer. 
10. Friends in the circuit: 
no doubt one of my classmates since childhood: David Ferrer. Still, I think that the relationship with all the Spanish players is very good.
(original interview in Spanish here : )

mardi 22 novembre 2011

Juan in Valencia !

During his three matches, I found Juan Carlos very nervous, no doubt due to the fact that he played in front of his audience and he wanted to do well since it was pretty gone wrong in the last two editions. But apart from the stress Juan nevertheless achieved great things on his land, I especially appreciated his net play and passing shots always beautiful. Juan has also regained the strength in the service even though I think he should work a little more this sector. The only regret  Juan might have is to have loose the second set against Bogomolov, which would have probably allowed him to be less tired in the quarter-final against Monaco! Nevertheless Juan gave everything even against Monaco except that the Argentine player is very hard to play because he has a powerful game especially indoor. But by his own admission, Juan said after the match that even he lost , it has been his best match of the tournament because he was more relaxed and focused on his game.
 Juan goes off Valencia with a quarter and a promise to do better in 2012 !
- Here is his draw : 
First Round :
Juan beats Igor Kunitsyn 6-4, 7-6 (7-2) Second Round :
Juan beats Alex Bogomolov Jr. 7-6 (7-3), 4-6, 6-2 
 Quarter finals :
Juan beaten by Juan Monaco 3-6, 3-6

vendredi 4 novembre 2011

The 2011 valencia open 500 draw

It's time for the tournament in Valencia, Juan Carlos tournament in association with David Ferrer, Juan home tournament ! This year Juan would like to do well since it was not very well the last 2 years. For once Juan Carlos has a not too bad draw so I hope very much that Juan will go as far as possible! 
Here is the draw : 
1FERRER, David
VERDASCO, Fernando
Q Pospisil Vasek 
Isner, John 
Q Mahut, Nicolas 
GARCIA-LOPEZ, Guillermo 
Davydenko, Nikolay 
5 SIMON, Gilles 
ALMAGRO 4, Nicolas
Q Kunitsyn, Igor 
FERRERO, Juan Carlos 
Bogomolov, Alex 
8 LOPEZ, Feliciano 
7 Dolgopolov, Alexandr 
Cilic, Marin 
Raonic, Milos 
CHELA, Juan Ignacio 
Montanes, Albert 
3 Monfils, Gael 
6 Del Potro, Juan Martin 
Tursunov, Dmitry 
Gulbis, Ernest
WC MARTI, Javier 
2 TSONGA, Jo-Wilfried

jeudi 3 novembre 2011

Gracias China !

Hey everyone! 
I'm in hurry because I have to come back to the gym again. Till the end of the week I will be getting recoveres from my injury in my ankle after my sprain in the match against Ferrer. Putting this part our, I am really glad of the results got in Shanghai and Pekin due to I felt like at home. In addition, my fans in China are incredible. I felt a big support from them during this last 2 weeks and I felt like at home. Next Friday I will decide if I'm travellin to Viena for my next tournament or instead of this I stay at Equelite for getting fit for the Valencia Open. I couldn't play this tournament last year and it was a big pitty. Now it's time to continue working!! Once more, thank you so much for all your support and big hugs!!

Juan Carlos in Shanghai !

for this Master Series Juan Carlos reached the 3rd round unfortunately beaten by his friend David Ferrer mainly due to a small injury that Juan had in the match (he twisted his ankle while trying to return a ball) 
- 1st round: 
Juan beats Mikhail Youzhny 7-6 (7-4), 6-4 
- 2nd round: 
Juan beats Fernando Verdasco 4-6, 6-3, 6-2 - 3rd round: 
Juan defeated by David Ferrer 6-1 5-7 2-6

Juan Carlos in Beijing !

For his return to Asia, Juan Carlos reached the quarterfinals of the tournament in Beijing, tournament he likes a lot. 
Here's his journey: 
- 1st round: 
Juan beats Thomaz Bellucci 6-1, 7-6 (7-4) - 2nd round: 
Juan beats Marcel Granollers 6-4, 6-4 
- 1/4: 
Juan beaten by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga 3-6, 4-6

mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Back from Us Open

Hello everyone. What about the summer? Hope everything had been great and you had been following the whole American tennis tour. From me, after the first rounds in Montreal and Cincinati I was a little bit scared because of things which could have happened in New Your because I was also feeling pain on my hips. I think that all that time without playing had been the problem for this first matches but after being defeated so early it was turn to start winning. In first round I played against my friend Pablo Andujar. It was not an easy match although in the previous one I beated him by 64 60 in the final of the Stuttgart tournament but this time it was different: hard court, gran slam, etc. and we could see this change in the first set when he beated me by 61. But I couldnt lose again. I came up and won the next to be finally in second roung after winning the 5th set. Next step was the really hard one. I had to win a top 10 again. It was a long time since my last match against one of them and the one I had to play with wasn't the easiest: Gael Monfils. A really fast player who fight for every point and a hard part: he was the 7th seeded player of the draw. In addition, I was feeling so much pain on my feet and hands because of big blisters and my hip. Everybody around thought he will be the winner of the match and all the bets where against me but it was my chance to come back. I was feeling the oportunity of doing somethings big again. Later, in front of press I told a big truth: when things goes well pain is less. I was beating him even feeling pain but my mind was extremely positive! In third round, a new Spanish again, Marcel. He has to go before finishing the match in the second set. It has been a really hard US open for a lot of players. With all this matches on my legs I was playing versus Tipsarevic, showing a great tennnis level. The turning point was in the third set. I was feeling so much pain but if I had won that set I would have tried to make a break on Tipsarevic serve and keep mine in any way but I was exhausted. I am so so happy because of my last results that I had to continue: I COULDN'T RETIRE FROM THE TOURNAMENT! I want to thank you so much because of all your support by social networks and my blogsite. In addition, say thank to all the players and staff of my Academy in Alicante who was following the whole tournament and sending me SMS to my cell mobile everyday winning or losing and Rafa Nadal, David Ferrer and Feli who also told me congs after my victory over Monfils. Because of this I am trying to be ready as soon as possible of my hurts to be back for the Asiatic tour in the best performance. Big hugs for all and all my best!!

Juan Carlos à l'Us Open !

Juan Carlos had a very good run at the Us Open, having reached the 4th round by beating the way the French Gael Monfils, seeded in this tournament. Here are his career: 
- First Round :  Juan beats Pablo Andujar 1-6, 7-5, 5-7, 6-1, 6-3 
- Second Round :
juan beats Gael Monfils 7-6 (7-5), 5-7, 6-7 (5-7), 6-4, 6-4 
- Third Round :
Juan beats Marcel Granollers (31) 6-1, 4-3 ret 
- Fourth Round :
Juan beaten by Janko Tipsarevic 5-7, 7-6 (7-3), 5-7, 2-6

jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Juan Carlos blog : amazing sensations !

How are you? The truth is that long since I did not write and I apologize. I always like to be in contact with you and your feedback is what I love most. The Stuttgart tournament was incredible, I did not expect to win! all I wanted was not to be hurt and then the results came. After I had slight discomfort in Hamburg (due to muscle contractions) against Cedrik, a former player of our academy, and finally back to Umag, and succeed in reaching the semi-finals was amazing. Now, after spending a few days at the Academy, I'm back in the United States to play in Montreal, Cincinnati and US Open. I also want to send a big kiss to Grandma Antonia, a friend from Argentina, which is absolutely great. I hope that from now on everything will be fine and I can find my tennis and meet all my fans. Kisses to all and thank you for your support.
Juan Carlos Ferrero

Umag 2011 : Juan Carlos reached the semi finals !

Juan Carlos returned to Umag this year to defend his title won last year. Juan has not repeated his victory, but nevertheless reached the semi-finals. Here's his journey:
- Tour 1: Juan beat González 3/6 6/3 1/1
- 1/8th final : Juan beats Ljubicic 1/6 6/3 6/4
- 1 / 4 finals : Juan beats C. Berlocq 6/1 7/6
- 1 / 2 final : A. Dolgopolov beats Ferrero 6/4 6/4

Hamburg 2011 : Juan Carlos lost in the first round .

Juan Carlos was present in the Hamburg open 500 but unfortunately lost at the first round probably tired from his fabulous week in Stuttgart.
Tour 1: C. Stebe beats Ferrero 6/2 6/3
at the end of the match Juan congratulated the young German for this victory and wished him a successful career, C. Stebe is also a former student of Juan academy.

Juan Carlos wins in Stuttgart !

Juan Carlos Ferrero won the 17th tournament of his career in Stuttgart tournament was held from July 11 to 17, 2011. Here's his journey:
Round 1: Ferrero beats B. Knittel 6/2 6/4
8th finals: Ferrero beats Youzhny 6/7 6/2 6/2
1/4 finals: Ferrero beats Granollers 6/4 6/3
1/2 final: beat Ferrero F. Del Bonis 2/6 6/4 6/4
final: beat Ferrero P. Andujar 6/4 6/0
*for his comeback tournament on the circuit after yet another injury, Juan Carlos has not missed! he has shown all along the tournament his ability to play well and get back some matches in his favor against Youzhny which for me was the match of the tournament! Ferrero has more strength of a great mind, something we had not seen for a long time. I hope this tournament will be the beginning of a long series of victories for Juan!
* In brief:
- Juan Carlos invited his father to join him after the awards ceremony to offer him the car promised to the winner. Nice gesture of his part :)
- after this tournament Juan said he wanted to play still for 2-3 years! a real good news!

Madrid 2011 : Juan lost at the first round

Juan was present at the Masters 1000 tournament in Madrid, for which he received a wild card but unfortunately lost the first round.
Tour 1: T. Bakker def Ferrero 2/6 7/5 6/4

Madrid 2011 : Juan Carlos and Eva

Juan Carlos and his girlfriend Eva attended the gala event held on the sidelines of the tournament in Madrid. They are a lovely couple:)

Madrid 2011 : Juan and David Ferrer in the subway !

David Ferrer and Juan Carlos attended the opening of the subway line leading directly from the center of Madrid to the venue of the Masters 1000. The Marca magazine has assembled on this occasion.

Barcelona 2011 : 3rd round

For his third match Juan Carlos had to fight for 2:45 to eliminate the amazing Italian qualified Vagnozzi (who had previously eliminated Juan Monaco!) In three sets 7-6 4-6 6-4. Note that Juan Carlos had some abdominal pain that has bothered many in the service. Hopefully it was just a passenger!
-Next round: N. Almagro

Barcelona 2011 : 2nd round

For his second tour Juan should have played against Andy Murray but the Scot had injured his elbow during his semi in Monaco so he was replaced by lucky loser M. Zverev. Juan won in 2 sets 6-4 7-5
-next round: Vagnozzi

Barcelona 2011 : 1st round

For his first tour in Barcelona, Juan Carlos played against Xavier Malisse and Juan did a pretty solid match in two sets: 6-4 6-2
-next round: M. Zverev