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Juan Carlos interview

Here's an interview from Juan Carlos found on a Spanish website . Juan speaks about this season and 2012 . Enjoy !
*Located at number 50 of the world rankings, the former world number one Juan Carlos Ferrero says that if the injuries will respect him he has the "tennis" to enter the Top 25.
Q: Some injuries have been frustrated you and even you have contemplated leaving tennis. It has not been an easy season for you, as you have had to recover from an operation on your left knee and could not play many tournaments. Still, the results have been quite good with the title in Stuttgart, the quarters in the Godo or fourth round of the U.S. Open. How do you analyze your season already?
JCF: "I think the most important was to be in best form and getting results, because the work was there. It really has been hard, but I think if injuries respect me , I have still room to continue to improve."
Q: If injuries have respected  you  Throughout your career, could have we talking about a different Ferrero ?
JCF: "That'll never know. Yes it's true, sometimes  I've been unlucky in the subject of injuries, but well, hopefully now the better is to come ." 
Q: It must be frustrating for an elite tennis to live with so many injuries .it might be one of the most difficult moments career of an athlete ?
JCF: "we can feel very frustrated and even hangs out your head constantly in the shadow of leave the court. All fruit of your own disappointment of not being able to do what you like. Still, you have to keep fighting to try out the hole as soon possible.
Q: Your great time playing has not left no one indifferent, you have known to adapt your tennis game to the one of today, what is your secret?, 
JCF: "No doubt it's work and daily effort. It's something important that all young players should understand. With the physical features now required , you can not stay asleep or pass all over you. It's something we try to work also with all the boys and girls who are in my academy in Villena."
Q: What are your goals for the next season?
JCF: "For now i don't have any objectives. Indeed, if all goes well, I think I have tennis enough to be within the top 25 again."
Q: Later this year the Davis cup final will be played , the options to be selected in the four players are very remote, do you plan to attend with the team to support them in Sevilla? 
JCF: "I do not really know if I'll have something to do or not during that time, but certainly I'll ssupport my colleagues ."
Q: Speaking of Davis Cup finals, what memories brings you the final of Barcelona, where you were one of the great architects of the Spanish victory ? JCF: "It was a nice feeling. Get a win for your country is fantastic and if you get over the first Davis for Spain, it's even better."
Q: That victory gave you great confidence in your tennis and you began a numeric career , culminating with a win at Roland Garros, U.S. Open final, 4 Masters 1,000 and the number one place . what are your memories of it ?
JCF: "As always, everything is based on work and daily discipline. Those moments are very great but we can not be in the past and that is why we must continue working, even now that we are almost all on vacation."
Q: During your career as a professional , you had your best results in the south American tournaments grounds , what's what is there to play your best tennis? JCF: "Undoubtedly the surface. I think all Spanish players are good on the clay and this is a good account of track record demonstrates the great Spanish in all these tournaments."
Q: Although in recent years you've played quite well on grass and hard courts ?
JCF: "It's a different game, it needs to be more decisive at all times and pull forwards. I have always described myself as someone who has tried to play aggressively, without having waiting the unforced errors. I think this can be one of the keys."
Q: Speaking of grass, next year there'll be in London the Olympians Games. Would you like to be in the Spanish team? 
JCF: "Represent Spain in any tournament is always an important thing for any player, so certainly I would like to be inside as the rest of my teammates."
Q: the games are the priority in the agenda players like Federer and Roddick, who have their main objective here before a possible departure from the competition. In your case, do you think it will be the final appointment of your career?
JCF: "I think not. If injuries respect me , I'll try to move forward in the professional world for at least two or three years."
Q: As happens to Roddick, would you mind when people want you to retire before time?
JCF: "It's a trend around the world. When you are at a certain age the people think you are no longer able to follow playing at that level. I think it is wrong on many occasions."
Q: you are a player who is very active, as well as being in the circuit, co-owns the Valencia Open 500 and has several businesses including a tennis academy. How did the idea starting for the academy?
JCF: "The idea came through my coach and currently director of the academy, Antonio Martínez Cascales. In 1995, with an idea to have a training for a fairly high level group, we built two courts in one place near Villena. That began to grow to what we currently have, an academy at the highest level, with 20 courts, home, gym, field golf, swimming pools, parks, etc.."
Q: There are many players who have chosen your academy facilities to come to train and prepare the clay season, what do they bring to the academy ?
JCF: "I think what is important is that we never changed the philosophy of the center since this opened. We only accept 40 players at once, to give the highest possible quality , from offices, maintenance or coaches, can meet all players and the relationship of a family as possible."
To finish 10  short questions: 
1. Match that you remember most with pride :
at Roland Garros and Davis cup in Barcelona.
 2. Worst game you have played: 
against Fognini in Rome some years ago. I not found my place on the court any time. 
3. Mania in the competition:
4. How do you concentrate yourself before a match : 
I like being in the locker room with my coach, calm, relaxed.
5. Rival you would not like to be measured: 
none in particular. Each match is different. 
6. Top forehand of the circuit: 
Fernando Gonzalez.
7. Best backhand: 
8. Better service:
9. Rival most complete :
David Ferrer. 
10. Friends in the circuit: 
no doubt one of my classmates since childhood: David Ferrer. Still, I think that the relationship with all the Spanish players is very good.
(original interview in Spanish here : )

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