samedi 17 décembre 2011

2nd day results of the copa argentina peugeot

* in the initial match of the second day, the Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis eliminated Juan Carlos Ferrero from the tournament after winning 6-3 and 6-4 in a match for the Group B. 
The Cypriot showed a solid game from the bottom of the court and dominated without problems to the Spanish to add three breaks in favour during the meeting. Baghdatis will define this Saturday his passage into the final against Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci , while Ferrero not added victories in Buenos Aires.
It's a pity for Juan Carlos but let's stay positive as we can say that , even he lost , I'm sure those two matches have been a good training session for Juan to prepare 2012 ! 
* in the second match of the day Gaël Monfils won against Fernando González :   6-3/6-4 . That means Fernando González  is also out of the competition .

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