mercredi 2 novembre 2011

Back from Us Open

Hello everyone. What about the summer? Hope everything had been great and you had been following the whole American tennis tour. From me, after the first rounds in Montreal and Cincinati I was a little bit scared because of things which could have happened in New Your because I was also feeling pain on my hips. I think that all that time without playing had been the problem for this first matches but after being defeated so early it was turn to start winning. In first round I played against my friend Pablo Andujar. It was not an easy match although in the previous one I beated him by 64 60 in the final of the Stuttgart tournament but this time it was different: hard court, gran slam, etc. and we could see this change in the first set when he beated me by 61. But I couldnt lose again. I came up and won the next to be finally in second roung after winning the 5th set. Next step was the really hard one. I had to win a top 10 again. It was a long time since my last match against one of them and the one I had to play with wasn't the easiest: Gael Monfils. A really fast player who fight for every point and a hard part: he was the 7th seeded player of the draw. In addition, I was feeling so much pain on my feet and hands because of big blisters and my hip. Everybody around thought he will be the winner of the match and all the bets where against me but it was my chance to come back. I was feeling the oportunity of doing somethings big again. Later, in front of press I told a big truth: when things goes well pain is less. I was beating him even feeling pain but my mind was extremely positive! In third round, a new Spanish again, Marcel. He has to go before finishing the match in the second set. It has been a really hard US open for a lot of players. With all this matches on my legs I was playing versus Tipsarevic, showing a great tennnis level. The turning point was in the third set. I was feeling so much pain but if I had won that set I would have tried to make a break on Tipsarevic serve and keep mine in any way but I was exhausted. I am so so happy because of my last results that I had to continue: I COULDN'T RETIRE FROM THE TOURNAMENT! I want to thank you so much because of all your support by social networks and my blogsite. In addition, say thank to all the players and staff of my Academy in Alicante who was following the whole tournament and sending me SMS to my cell mobile everyday winning or losing and Rafa Nadal, David Ferrer and Feli who also told me congs after my victory over Monfils. Because of this I am trying to be ready as soon as possible of my hurts to be back for the Asiatic tour in the best performance. Big hugs for all and all my best!!

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