vendredi 20 avril 2012

Juan Carlos Ferrero blog : " Bye Bye plaster ! "

"Hello everyone ! 
It seems everything is a little bit better now. It seemed like I wasn't able to play without plastering in a long time and yesterday, finally, I could rest without it. Results has arrived directly, today I have been training with Nico Almagro with my two handed backhand! You can see it in the picture enclosed to this news. Hope I could be ready for Montecarlo. I'll keep you informed! 
Hugs for all of you and thanks for all your comments!

Juan Carlos Ferrero

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edit : as you probably saw it , Juan Carlos didn't take part to the Monte Carlo Rolex Master this week due to the plaster taken off only a few days ago . And unfortunately he'll not be in Barcelona too because he didn't receive the go ahead from the medicines :-(

Juan Carlos with the children at Ontinyente !

Juan Carlos Ferrero shared one of his days, on early April, with children in his native village of Ontinyente near Valencia(with his association called"the Juan Carlos Ferrero Foundation")and also signed a copy of the book "Made in Valencia" which will be sold at auction to raise funds for disadvantaged people. Beautiful initiative from our champion !

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