mardi 31 juillet 2012

Juan Carlos at the Playa Luanca tennis open

Juan Carlos will take part this week to a tennis open exhibition in Spain called "Playa Tenis Luanca"(July 30th-August 2nd) which specificity is to be played on a beach ! 4 Spanish players will each other and the two better players will play the final .
* rules :
 the tournament will be played by the system "Round Robin". four players have been invited by the Club de Tenis Luanco. Each of the players compete against each other on a league. The two highest ranked players in the league will contest the final. During the playoffs, will be awarded one point for a win. If at the end of the league there is a tie on points between two players , will decide the outcome of the match played between them. If the tie is between three players, decide the number of sets won by each and if still a tie, decide the number of games won by each. All matches will be played in the sand track of the beach of La Ribera Luanco.
* players list :
Juan Carlos Ferrero
Albert Montañés 
Albert Ramos
Daniel Muñoz
* program :

lundi 30 juillet 2012

Juan Carlos blog : "¡ Aupa Tita !"

"Hi everyone! It's already confirmed. There is an star among us. I have been with Tita Torró y Bucarest during the last day as she is taking part in the first $100.000 of her career and although she started in the qualifying, she is reaching her best level and is already in the semifinals! Now I'm training and will continue during the next week as I will take part in the friendship tournament in Luanco with Albert Ramos, Albert Montañes and Marc Lopez, where we will play a round robin and later a normal draw. Moreover, I would like to send all my support to Rafa Nadal. It is very hard to keep in the top of the ATP list and he is there for a long time! Thank you so much for all your comments! Big hugs!"
Juan Carlos Ferrero 

samedi 14 juillet 2012

Umag 2012 open : Juan Carlos part of the draw + Juan Carlos result

Here's the part of the draw where Juan Carlos appears :

[1] Verdasco - bye 
Gulbis vs Qualifier 
De la Nava vs (WC) Kuznetsov 
(WC) Pavic vs [6] Ferrero 
[4] Granollers - bye 
Starace vs Qualifier S
ousa vs Bachinger 
(WC) Bedene vs [7] Klizan 
[5] Berlocq vs Dodig 
Lorenzi vs Qualifier 
Beck vs Fognini 
[3] Dolgopolov - bye 
[8] Roger-Vasselin vs Odesnik 
Kavcic vs Veic 
Brands vs Qualifier 
[2] Cilic - bye 

Official site: home.aspx


In his first match Juan Carlos had to face the young Croatian player(who received a WC) , M.Pavic and with a big surprise Juan Carlos lost ! i don't know what to say because i didn't see the match but I'm very surprised with the score(6-2/6-2) ! maybe Juan Carlos was injured or didn't practice enough before the match but i really hope this will not happen once more ! More , Juan Carlos will lost the points he earned at Umag and Stuttgart(because of the Olympic games the Stuttgart open has been advanced in the calendar)last year ! 

jeudi 12 juillet 2012

Wimbledon 2012 : Juan Carlos interview

Here's a small interview of Juan Carlos just after his match lost vs Novak Djokovic :

Q. Within seven minutes you had your first breakpoint. Were you encouraged by the fact that you were breaking so quickly? 
JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: No. I think at the beginning of the matches can happen like this 'cause you are not in the rhythm of the match, starting the tournament. Today I take the break very early, but he break me again very fast. I didn't expect to break him very early, but sometimes is happen like this. 

Q. I guess playing Novak you were expecting a tricky match because he's a great player. Was it the sort of match you anticipated, or was it more tricky? JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Always is difficult to play against one of these guys. They are the best in the world. You know, on grass courts I think he likes to play very much. Of course, it was my first match on grass this year, so it was very difficult to come here and face Novak in the first round, of course. 

Q. Could you speak about the atmosphere in the Centre Court. JUAN CARLOS FERRERO: Always is special to play in this court; always will be. That's why it's very different to play in this kind of court.

* note : as you have maybe seen , Juan Carlos has a new sponsor for his clothes ! exit the Spanish brand "Joma" , welcome to the French one "Lacoste" ! 

Wimbledon 2012 : Juan Carlos lost vs Novak Djokovic !

for his first match at Wimbledon , Juan Carlos didn't have any luck because he had to face the defending champion , Novak Djokovic ! Juan didn't play bad , he even nearly had the same statistics as Novak but the Serbian player had more rhythm in his game and forced Juan to make more faults . So bad for Juan Carlos coz Wimbledon is a tournament where he always had some good results ! Let's hope we'll have the pleasure to see him next year !

statistics of the watch :

Novak Djokovic (SRB)          6 6 6
Juan Carlos Ferrero (ESP)   3 3 1

* Aces : 
ND 13
JCF 2 

* Double faults 
ND 3
JCF 2 

* 1st serves in 
ND 56of 85 = 66 %
JCF 48 of 72 = 67 % 

* 1st serve points won
ND 47 of 56 = 84 % 
JCF 27 of 48 = 56 % 

* 2nd serve points won
ND 12 of 29 = 41 % 
JCF 10 of 24 = 42 % 

* Fastest serve 
ND 127 MPH 
JCF 122 MPH 

* Average 1st serve speed 
ND 119 MPH
JCF 109 MPH 

* Average 2nd serve speed 

* Net points won 
ND 11 of 22 = 50 %
JCF 4 of 6 = 67 % 

* Break points won
ND 6 of 11 = 55 %
JCF 1 of 8 = 13 % 

* Receiving points won 
ND 35 of 72 = 49 %
JCF 26 of 85 = 31 % 

* Winners 
ND 34
JCF 15 

* Unforced errors 
ND 19
JCF 16 

* Total points won 
ND 94
JCF 63