mardi 22 octobre 2013

David Ferrer will begin today his tournament

 "I am very happy to be back in Valencia. I cannot wait to play my first match. It has been a positive week although I am a bit sad (because of the lost title in Sweden) but I have to move on". David also asserted that "it will be hard to play my first match against Monfils, he is a great player. I am the clear favorite to win but it will not be that easy, it is a difficult tournament".

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Valencia open 500 : Wednesday order of play

Valencia open 500 : 2nd day results

Pics : Feliciano López lost while Nico Almagro won his first match of the tournament

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Valencia open 500 : Tuesday order of play

Valencia open 500 : 1st day results

dimanche 20 octobre 2013

Valencia open 500 2013 edition : Monday program

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Main draws : singles and doubles are out !

(Nico Almagro and Juan Carlos Ferrero during the toss of the main draws)

Here are the singles and doubles main draws :

Juan Carlos Q&A about Valencia open500 2013 edition

Q. What goals have you set yourself since taking over as director of the Valencia Open 500 ATP World Tour?


A. The main goal is to carry on providing one of the best indoor tennis tournaments in the world. From now on, the challenge is to keep improving and in this respect everything's going really well because the ATP is very happy with us, as are we with them; many of the top players in the world are now coming to Valencia and that is reflected in the audience, so we've got everything going for us to keep on growing. 


Q. This tournament is the fifth one since the Tennis Open of the Valencian Community was granted the category of Open 500. How would you rate the past five years?


A. We're extremely pleased with the way things have gone because we've grown every year. The first season that we were given the Open 500 category helped us very much to gain experience for the coming years, because we realized it marked a turning point in upping the ante of the tournament in terms of quality, not just with regard to the level of the players who come to compete but also the set-up of the event and the surrounding area. 


Q. How do you see the future of the Valencia Open 500 ATP World Tour developing?


A. I visualize a secure future. A tournament is like a tennis player, if you're going to succeed, you need to work very hard. In Valencia we've been working hard for years to consolidate a tournament that is making itself felt more and more in the tennis world. I'm confident that we're going to be enjoying top tennis for many years to come at our tournament.

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