mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos plays football for charity !

 Juan Carlos Ferrero supports various solidarity causes and he has joined the actions to promote Champions for Africa Valencia, December 21, 2011 .
 Juan Carlos Ferrero, one of the players most laureates and former number 1 in the world, has joined the Champions campaign for Africa, the football match solidarity, organized by UNICEF Spain and Kanouté Foundation linking to the great stars of the national and international football in an effort to put in the foreground the desperate situation in which there are millions of children in Africa, and plays on 29 December in Mestalla. 
Juan Carlos has not remained impassive before the situation of famine which is suffering from the Horn of Africa, and has decided to contribute his bit to this cause , especially playing the event for the first time in its four years of life in his native Valencia. 
Juan Carlos Ferrero chairs a foundation with his name that aims to meet needs and interests of socially needy sectors and encourage the practice of sports through the promotion of sporting events, scholarships to athletes and delivery of funds to associations or groups of persons in need in general.
More information about the meeting :
the match will take place tomorrow evening in Valencia and will face two teams: one composed of players from the Spanish Liga, the other(Juan_Carlos will be in this one) of players gathered by unicef. 
WebSite : 

mercredi 21 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos and Nicolas Almagro begin their training sessions in Equelite

Here are the first pictures of Juan Carlos Ferrero and Nicolas Almagro, new resident of the Academy and now partner of Juan Carlos as they share both the same coaches Antonio Martínez Cascales and Samuel Lopes , training . 
These photos were taken before that Juan went to Argentina to play the copa argentina peugeot .
Juan and Nicolas have returned to the courts to prepare the best possible 2012 season that I hope will be very successful for them !
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samedi 17 décembre 2011

2nd day results of the copa argentina peugeot

* in the initial match of the second day, the Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis eliminated Juan Carlos Ferrero from the tournament after winning 6-3 and 6-4 in a match for the Group B. 
The Cypriot showed a solid game from the bottom of the court and dominated without problems to the Spanish to add three breaks in favour during the meeting. Baghdatis will define this Saturday his passage into the final against Brazilian Thomaz Bellucci , while Ferrero not added victories in Buenos Aires.
It's a pity for Juan Carlos but let's stay positive as we can say that , even he lost , I'm sure those two matches have been a good training session for Juan to prepare 2012 ! 
* in the second match of the day Gaël Monfils won against Fernando González :   6-3/6-4 . That means Fernando González  is also out of the competition .

vendredi 16 décembre 2011

Results of the first day at the copa argentina peugeot

The exhibition tournament "copa argentina peugeot" began yesterday with the first two matches, one in each group. 
* the first match opposed Juan Carlos Ferrero to the Argentine player David Nalbandian and David won on the score of 6-1/7-5.
The Argentine has dominated the match from the beginning to end and has not given options to his rival who was very hesitant and found no rhythm in the match of the Group B.
* later was held a match of the group A between the Chilean player Fernando González and Eduardo Schwank who won on the score of 6-3 7-5.
Here is today's schedule : 
Group B:
-20h30 local time:
 Juan Carlos Ferrero vs Marcos Baghdastis group A :
-22h30 local time: 
 Fernando González vs Gaël Monfils
* site where will be detailed the matches minute by minute (in Spanish):

mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos will participate at an exhibition tournament "copa argentina peugeot" in Buenos Aires

Juan Carlos will participate this week, from 15 to 18 December 2011 at an exhibition tournament the "copa argentina peugeot" in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 
Here's how the tournament will be : There will be six players divided into two groups of 3 players in each .
 In each group, players will compete between themselves and the leaders of each group will compete in the final on Sunday. Each game will be played best of 3 sets which can all contain a tiebreak. 
To notice : James Blake has been replaced by our dear Juan Carlos(not present on the pic because he'll come on Thursday) and Juan Mónaco has been replaced by Fernando González 
Here is the list of the 2011 entrants:
-David Nalbandian
- Gael Monfils
- Juan Carlos Ferrero
-Fernando González
-Marcos Baghdatis
-Eduardo Schwank
Here's the official website of the tournament: 
English version (not updated):
Spanish Version :
Group A : Monfils/Gonzalez/Schwank Group B : Nalbandian/Bagdhatis/Ferrero
Here's the draw 
- Thursday : 
Gonzalez vs Schwank 
Nalbandian vs Ferrero 
Friday : 
Baghdatis vs Ferrero 
Gonzalez vs Monfils 
Saturday : 
Monfils vs Schwank 
Nalbandian vs Baghdatis
Special match : Gaudio vs Zabaleta

mercredi 7 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos blog : "Winners !"

"Hi everyone! 
I want to send my most sincere congratulations to the Spanish Davis Cup team which has made this country to win the fifth tittle in 11 years... It looks so easy but it's not! Hope everything continues as well as right now and I wish I could be back to the national team soon too! Big hugs for all!"
Juan Carlos Ferrero 
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Juan carlos blog : "C'mon Spain ! We can get it !"

"Hey everyone.
 I'm much less tired after this days resting and in a short period I'll be back to trainings again, probably next Thursday or Friday. Anyway, I continue working in the gym to be ready at the beginning of the season. I have been asked a lot of times about my 2012 aspirations, what I can reach, etc. The truth is that I feel that if everything goes in the correct way I hope I could be next to ranking 15 or 20 and whatever better than that will be welcomed. In addition, I want to encourage the Davis Cup team who will be working to get our 5th tittle this next weekend. Although I won't be in Sevilla next weekend, I want to send all of them all my power and, like one more fun, I will be next to TV everyday and next to my family to watch all the matches. I wish I could talk to all of you and all together could celebrate the Spanish victory against Argentina. Big hugs for all!"
Juan Carlos Ferrero 
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Juan Carlos blog : "Blessed Holidays !"

"Hello everyone. Hope everything is well. I have been several days on holidays and after so much ups and downs in this last season everything looks in calm. Looking back I see so much pain, suffering... and now all this is gone! In some days I'll be back to job with my whole team who, with no doubt, have been with me for all this time! Thanks so much to you too for all that time next to me, helping me, encouraging me... and although it seems it's nothing, I also feel all you pushing! We will talk again soon! Big hugs for all!"
Juan Carlos Ferrero 
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