mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Juan Carlos plays football for charity !

 Juan Carlos Ferrero supports various solidarity causes and he has joined the actions to promote Champions for Africa Valencia, December 21, 2011 .
 Juan Carlos Ferrero, one of the players most laureates and former number 1 in the world, has joined the Champions campaign for Africa, the football match solidarity, organized by UNICEF Spain and Kanouté Foundation linking to the great stars of the national and international football in an effort to put in the foreground the desperate situation in which there are millions of children in Africa, and plays on 29 December in Mestalla. 
Juan Carlos has not remained impassive before the situation of famine which is suffering from the Horn of Africa, and has decided to contribute his bit to this cause , especially playing the event for the first time in its four years of life in his native Valencia. 
Juan Carlos Ferrero chairs a foundation with his name that aims to meet needs and interests of socially needy sectors and encourage the practice of sports through the promotion of sporting events, scholarships to athletes and delivery of funds to associations or groups of persons in need in general.
More information about the meeting :
the match will take place tomorrow evening in Valencia and will face two teams: one composed of players from the Spanish Liga, the other(Juan_Carlos will be in this one) of players gathered by unicef. 
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