mardi 5 février 2013

Juan Carlos at a charity exhibition match in Aviles , Spain

last week ,  Juan Carlos Ferrero participated in a charity exhibition match organised by the Asturian Association of Cystic Fibrosis in Avilés by José Luis Franco , Roberto Menéndez and Marcos Álvarez, and insisted his desire to be the next captain of the Spanish Davis Cup team.
what about the matches ? Ferrero won a tie break to Marcos Álvarez, a set to José Luis Franco (6-1) and another one to Robert Menendez (7-6) 

and here is Juan Carlos interview :

-In Asturias, this time for a noble cause. 

JCF : It is always nice to return to this land, in which I always have been welcomed so well. The reason for today is different, José Luis asked me three years ago but until my retirement it has not been possible to do it before for some or other reasons. Better late than never and I'm delighted to help you in your initiative. 

-People like José Luis Franco are an example of overcoming. 

JCF : Clearly, he has a lot of merit. I have spoke with him, what happened, operation, six months entered in Valencia. It is a joy to see him he's okay, making sport. I hope that everything goes well and i'm proud to be able to help you and him for the Association. 

-How does this initiative was born ? 

JCF : José Luis is a big fan of mine since 2000 and dreamed to play a game with me. The timing and other circumstances had prevented it so far. 

-With a couple of months since your retirement , now it's time of pending commitments. 

JCF : So, I'm going from one place to another trying to comply with acts which were postponed because of my professional status. Anyway today is very nice and makes me happy. 

-what about your retirement ? 

JCF : it's quite recent and it has been so many years that can cost, but i live it quite well though it is a quite different life. Anyway I'm still linked to professional tennis and this month I will be during three weeks Nico Almagro's coach. 

-Do you initiate a new stage of your life ? 

JCF : We are in this, but Nico's coach remains Samuel López. I'm going to do this to help them traveling to six or seven tournaments because Samuel has a family and throughout the year can not be passed out. It's to give him a break and I believe that I can help Nico in some aspects of his game. 

-Are we facing a future captain of the Davis Cup? 

JCF : I'd like to be the next one . Alex will end this role this year and we'll see what will happen next year . 

-Last night began the competition with Spain vs Canada . How a champion of the Davis sees it? 

JCF : It is a quite complicated start , because they play outside and on a track that the Canadian players are dominating . Spain has it difficult but we will see what happens. 

-Great responsibility for young people, for Granollers who is number one for the first time? 

JCF : Marcel has become the leader of the team in this round and can get it very well to give the maximum of his tennis. he's young but has enough battles and has played the Davis doubles. Now he is in the individual and he can get it right, to the level he showed in the tournament in Valencia on indoor track 

-Rafa Nadal is in the final ramp of his return, Djokovic continues unchecked. Can Nadal get back to number one ? 

JCF : Novak is in the line of last year and in principle is the favorite of the season, but on clay Rafa will be there , waiting to see how he comes back. he didn't compete during eight months and a return to the highest level after so much time injured is difficult even for a crack like him