lundi 30 janvier 2012

Juan Carlos Ferrero returns to the Davis Cup !!!

Very great news today since Juan Carlos Ferrero has been called to play the first round of the Davis Cup alongside Nicolas Almagro (which also makes his return in the competition), Marcel Granollers and Marc López .it's been since 2009 that Juan had not participated in the davis Cup and it is obviously a great joy for him to have been selected. 
immediately here are the reactions of Juan Carlos and Nicolas: 
Juan Carlos Ferrero: 
"I am very pleased and grateful to be able to return to the team. It is no doubt, as a second youth for me.  Representing his country is the best that can happen to a player and I am very pleased that it re-surfaced me confidence to defend our colours."
Nicolás Almagro:
"during two years it has been very difficult to join the team because of the great players who were called as Rafael (Nadal) and David (Ferrer), then for me it is a pride to fight for Spain, sportingly speaking, and there is no doubt that I will give the best of me to lead the team to the top." 
So let's go on 10, 11 and 12 February at the Palais des Sports of Oviedo in Spain to follow the 1st round of the davis Cup, which will face the Spain against the Kazakhstan. 
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jeudi 19 janvier 2012

Juan Carlos @ the Auckland Heineken open 2012

Juan Carlos Ferrero began his season in Auckland and the least that can be said is that it was not very well for the Spanish player since he lost to Benoit Paire , a French player from the qualifications, in two small sets(3-6/2-6) and within less than an hour !

* my opinion on the match : 
I could see the match on the web and the only positive point of the match was that I found Juan in a very good physical shape and it is a good thing because of all physical problems he had last year! In contrast to the level of the game, up to 3-3 in the first set all was well but after I found that Juan Carlos had been too in a waiting mood , he has not created opportunities and  expected too much the mistakes(that never came !) of his opponent . result: it is rather Paire that raised his game and Juan suffered without ever being able to implement his game . What is a pity cos  Juan Carlos had the physical form to go far in this tournament ! 

* let's see now the statistics of the match where it is interesting to see that Juan has good percentages in the first service but that he has cruelly sinned at the level of the aces because he did none against 8 for his opponent! 

Benoit Paire vs Juan Carlos Ferrero :

*1st SERVE % 
BP : 22/53 (42 %)
JCF : 33/ 51 (65 %) 
BP : 19/22 (86 %) 
JCF : 19/ 33 (58 %) 

BP : 20/31 (65 %) 
JCF : 9/18 (50 %) 

BP : 3/8 (38 %) 
JCF : 0/1 (0 %) 

BP : 23/51 (45 %) 
JCF : 14/ 53 (26 %) 

BP : 62/ 104 (60 %) 
JCF : 42/104 (40 %) 

BP : 0 
JCF : 2 

BP : 8 
JCF : 0

samedi 7 janvier 2012

Auckland Heineken open draw

Juan Carlos will start his 2012 season at the Auckland heineken open next week ! Juan Carlos is not seeded but personally i think he has a good draw ! Good luck to our champion hoping he'll make a wonderful first tournament of the year !
Here's the draw :

(1) FERRER, David (ESP)

 RAMOS, Albert (ESP)
 ROSOL, Lukas (CZE)    

 STARACE, Potito (ITA) 

 FALLA, Alejandro (COL)
 (7) YOUNG, Donald (USA) 

 (3) VERDASCO, Fernando (ESP)

 BERLOCQ, Carlos (ARG)
 VOLANDRI, Filippo (ITA)  

 GARCIA-LOPEZ , Guillermo (ESP) 

(5) ANDERSON, Kevin (RSA) 

(6) BELLUCCI, Thomaz (BRA)
MACHADO, Rui (POR)     
ROCHUS, Oliver (BEL)

FERRERO, Juan Carlos (ESP) 

(4) CHELA, Juan Ignacio (ARG) 



(WC) VENUS, Michael (NZL) 
GIRALDO, Santiago (COL) 

(2) ALMAGRO, Nicolas (ESP)

mercredi 4 janvier 2012

Juan Carlos blog : "Happy new year 2012 !"

Hi everyone !
Hope all these days had gone well and you could have some good time next to your relatives and friends. I want to wish you all the best for 2012 full of success. In addition, I have taken part in a charity match for Africa where we were looking for money and it looks to have gone all well. Last, I want to say you all goodbye to spend the rest of this last 2011 day with my family. I want to wish you a good New Year Eve! Big hugs for all and see you soon!!
Juan Carlos Ferrero 
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lundi 2 janvier 2012

Pics of Juan at the "champions for Africa"

As I had announced you in my previous article, Juan Carlos participated on 29 December 2011 to a charity football match for an association working against hunger held in the Horn of Africa.
 Here are some pics of  Juan during this match(source : the facebook page of Champions of Africa) .