mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Valencia open 500 : Ferrero and Ferrer lost in semi final !

Finally it could not be, Juan Carlos Ferrero and David Ferrer were left at the gates of the final after losing their semi-final crossing to the Austrian Alexander Peya and Brazilian Bruno Soares. 
The seconds were a stumbling block too hard for the unpublished Spanish pair who gave, not without a fight until the end, 6-2, 7-6 (3).   

After a first set in which Peya-Soares were clearly the best , local idols reacted and the second part was much more disputed. They reached the tie-break and the public for a moment dreamed of Ferrer and Ferrero in a final which would have been one hundred by hundred Spanish, at the end it could not be, 7-3 in the tiebreak and farewell to one of the greatest Spanish tennis players of all time.   

Juan Carlos Ferrero closes , with this game , that has been a long career with many milestones. Closes so this stage playing a game with one of his best friends on the circuit, David Ferrer. A defeat with taste of victory because virtually no one argued for this duet who had never played together and has managed to reach the semi-finals, in a tournament such as the Valencia Open 500, as a home for both of them .

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samedi 27 octobre 2012

Valencia open 500 : Ferrero and Ferrer in semifinal

The match started with both pairs holding 
their serve but soon became apparent that the Spanish couple had jumped the track on the Agora to give everything. They managed to break the serve of his rivals and took the first round.   
The second was the same tonic but a much-discussed by both pairs point raised fears by the concentration of the Spanish tandem, but was not so; Ferrer and Ferrero returned to break and it seemed that they had the party track with 5-3 on the scoreboard but it was then when the Knowle-Polasek couple pulled out their best tennis and led the Spaniards to the 5 equal. Ferrer and Ferrero in the two games that had to close the match were placed at two points of winning it but that was its roof.   When it seemed that the fate of the second set had given back to the Spanish pair. Ferrero pulled out his caste and I've been partial to the tiebreak, tiebreaker that Knowle-Polasek were clearly superior.   The party was left in the hands of the final set that would be decided with supertiebreak and seemed that inertia was conducive to the tandem to austro-esolvaco but Ferrero doesn't want to wake up from their sleep and in his last tournament as a professional player and made the couple at the back and took the match for joy and enjoyment of attendees. 

This Saturday fight for a place in the final against the second heads of series, The  Ferrero-Ferrer still in competition, Ferrero does not want to wake up from this dream and win the final victory with one of his best friends on the circuit.  

jeudi 25 octobre 2012

Juan Carlos Ferrero career statistics

Here are Juan Carlos statistics as a single player during his career :





Valencia Open 500 : Ferrero and Ferrer shine in the doubles competition

Juan Carlos Ferrero and David Ferrer won yesterday their first match , in the doubles competition , vs the pair composed of the two players : Carlos Berlocq and Alexander Dolgopolov . 

The unprecedented pair formed by two friends , Juan Carlos Ferrero and David Ferrer , fought to the end in their first round match and finally imposed on the tandem consisting of Carlos Berlocq and Alexandr Dolgopolov. the two Spanish players went to the supertiebreak after losing the first set 3-6 , them the following one fell on the side of the Spanish pair with the same result and the supertiebreak resolved 10-7 for the Valencian players. 

With that victory we can continue to see Ferrero competing in the doubles and the public of the Agora can continue enjoying his tennis.  

next match : 2nd round vs Julian Knowle/Filip Polase on Wednesday evening .

mercredi 24 octobre 2012

Juan Carlos Ferrero ends career in Valencia !

Juan Carlos played yesterday the last match of his career , as a single professional player , vs his teammate at his academy , Nicolas Almagro . Unfortunately Juan Carlos lost 5-7/3-6 and at the end we could feel a lot of emotions from both players mainly when the crowd paid a tribute to Juan Carlos ! 
Here is what Juan Carlos said at the press conference :

"This is a very special week, a very emotional week," said Ferrero. "Today on court it was very emotional, but it's been very emotional since the tournament started.

"There were two sides of the coin to playing against Nico . When I first saw the draw, I was really not happy because he was one of the few players I didn't want to play. We're best friends, we practise together, and Nico is also trying to qualify for the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals. I was really not happy, but then, the nice side of it is that I played my last match against a very important person for me, a great friend."

He may be hanging up his racquet, but Ferrero still intends to stay involved in the tennis world. As well as running his academy, the Juan Carlos Ferrero – Equelite in Villena, the Spaniard revealed he may take up a coaching role with Almagro next season.

"There's a good chance that I will be travelling with Nico to a few tournaments next year, maybe as a coach. It was nice to play my last match against him ." said Juan Carlos who doesn't "rule out playing some double tournaments in 2013 to enjoy."

He added : I've always been a very competitive person and a winner, and I felt like I didn't have it within me anymore . It takes a lot to keep up with what the level is. I could probably still be around for some time, but because I've always been a perfectionist, I want to stop now."

mardi 23 octobre 2012

Juan Carlos first pics in Valencia !

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Valencia Open 500 program for Ferrero

the moment has finally arrived ! Juan Carlos will play this week the last tournament of his career in Valencia , his home place ! the draw is out and Juan will , unfortunately , play against his friend and partner at his academy , Nicolás Almagro ! what ever will happen , let's hope Juan Carlos will enjoy this match ! 

Juan will play this afternoon on the center court called Agora 

Juan Carlos will also play the doubles competition alongside David Ferrer ! they will play against the pair Berlocq-Dolgopolov and the match will take place on Wednesday .

Then , the tournament will make a tribute on Wednesday afternoon to Juan where many of ex and current  players will be there as Carlos Moya , Alex Corretja , Albert Costa , Rafael Nadal etc 

Juan Carlos blog : "few time until the Valencia open !"

Hi everybody! How are you doing? I am more and more nervious as everyday the Valencia Open is closer and if I am not wrong, there will be lots of tennis people coming to say me goodbye. That makes me feel special, really good!! All of us are big competitors in the court but out of it, good friends! Moreover, this year the tournaments has lots and lots of hidden secrets as special matches, events, etc. It's gonna be amazing! Hope to see you all there! Big hugs!!
Juan Carlos Ferrero 

mardi 2 octobre 2012

Juan Carlos Ferrero big week in Valencia 2012 !

 Juan Carlos Ferrero will live his "big week" during the Valencia Open 500 the last tournament that will hold the former number one .
some Tennis players will pay tribute to the player both on the track and in the FUN PARK. Rafa Nadal, Àlex Corretja, Albert Costa, Carlos Moyà and Sergio García have already confirmed their presence in Valencia to attend the acts of tribute .
 The fourth edition of the Valencia Open 500 2012 will be held in the city of Arts and Sciences from the 20th to the 28th of October. Since the past September 12 Juan Carlos Ferrero announced his retirement from tennis courts in the next Valencia Open 500, many have been samples support and recognition that have risen towards a single tennis player. And it is that regardless of the impact media produced since the announcement of his farewell and endless demonstrations of esteem and admiration from fans, the collective of professionals from the world of tennis also has turned in praise toward a player who will hang up the racket in the Agora. Why, and how it could be otherwise, the last stop of Juan Carlos as a professional tennis player, the Valencia Open 500, dress Gala during the entire week of competition to pay tribute to the player. During the week of the tournament, from the 20th to the 28th of October, carried out a series of activities that will pay tribute to the trajectory of the ontinentino, one of the most beloved players, not only in the Valencian Community, also in the rest of Spain and the world. Some of them have, in a timely manner, with the presence of prominent personalities from the world of tennis . The tennis player Rafael Nadal, the former players Álex Corretja, Carlos Moyà and Albert Costa and golfer Sergio García are the first confirmed names of the cast of celebrities who will be present at the city of Arts and Sciences during the celebration of the Valencia Open 500 2012. All the fans who come to watch matches in the Agora or track 1, well away from the site of the city of Arts and Sciences or follow the tournament via social networks on Facebook and Twitter may also pay honor to the Valencian. It is necessary to recall that the FUN PARK, the shopping, leisure and restoration of the tournament, will once again be free access, only input being necessary for accessing the game tracks.

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Juan Carlos supporting Spain Davis Cup team !

Juan Carlos was in Gijon to support the Spain Davis cup team in semi final vs the  Us team . for information , Spain won and will be in final vs the Czech Republic .
here are Juan Carlos pics :

Juan Carlos blog : "this is the end of this period !"

"Hi everyone! 
Hope you all are well. I am right now on my way to Gijón with my father and Toni as we are going to see and support the Spanish team of the Davis Cup which will start tomorrow to play against the USA. I think I haven't been so nervous for a long time and I'm not playing this time!! I think this is not news now but I will stop competing after the Valencia Open. Anyway, I will continue working with my tennis academy, foundation, hotel, etc. I mean, this is not the end of the relationship: Juan Carlos Ferrero and tennis.
 Moreover, who knows, perhaps in the future I will be able to come back to the Davis Cup team as captain, tennis team, etc. I also want to say thank you to all of you who have written on the Equelite facebook profile or Twitter. I am really proud of knowing that you will support me not only in the good moments but also in the hardest ones. I will miss you so much in the tournaments ! Anyway, this is not like saying goodbye but just... SEE YOU SOON !"
Juan Carlos Ferrero 

Juan Carlos Ferrero honored at the Seville tennis challenger

on September 10th , on the occasion of the 50th edition of the Seville challenger tournament, Juan Carlos Ferrero was the guest of honour and received a small tribute for the whole of his career. On this occasion, Juan said:
"I didn't had the good fortune to play this tournament because I didn't spent much time in Challengers , but I take the opportunity to congratulate you because I know how hard it is turning 50 and I hope that you will continue for many more. "

In addition, the tennis player received another gift, this time of the hands of the President of Real Betis football club , Miguel Guillén, present in the Act "as friend and tennis lover", as explained by Javier Aguirre. It's a Betis team shirt with his name on the back, for being , in the words of Guillen, ''a little bit more bético" .
Juan Carlos Ferrero has been very grateful because "it is always nice that they remember your career". "Thank you also for the wild cards given to the kids from the Academy because for them it is a leap in quality", said the tennis player in reference to the invitations that the tournament has given to several players from the Equelite Academy.

 in addition, Ferrero has had time to give his opinion on the future of the Spanish tennis : 
"The era that comes in the next few years will be difficult to beat. Now we have Rafa (Nadal), Nico (Almagro)... We had Corretja, Moya, also me... We have been always on top, so it will be hard to beat. I wish them luck and I am sure that the Spanish tennis will pull forward" .

Finally, the honoree has revealed that at the end of the year he will decide to retire from the professional tennis but he'll play his last tournament in Valencia : "I'll play in Valencia, which makes me especially excited because it's at home ."
Then Juan said about his more distant future that he'll not discard the idea of being coach, but not after a break.