samedi 27 octobre 2012

Valencia open 500 : Ferrero and Ferrer in semifinal

The match started with both pairs holding 
their serve but soon became apparent that the Spanish couple had jumped the track on the Agora to give everything. They managed to break the serve of his rivals and took the first round.   
The second was the same tonic but a much-discussed by both pairs point raised fears by the concentration of the Spanish tandem, but was not so; Ferrer and Ferrero returned to break and it seemed that they had the party track with 5-3 on the scoreboard but it was then when the Knowle-Polasek couple pulled out their best tennis and led the Spaniards to the 5 equal. Ferrer and Ferrero in the two games that had to close the match were placed at two points of winning it but that was its roof.   When it seemed that the fate of the second set had given back to the Spanish pair. Ferrero pulled out his caste and I've been partial to the tiebreak, tiebreaker that Knowle-Polasek were clearly superior.   The party was left in the hands of the final set that would be decided with supertiebreak and seemed that inertia was conducive to the tandem to austro-esolvaco but Ferrero doesn't want to wake up from their sleep and in his last tournament as a professional player and made the couple at the back and took the match for joy and enjoyment of attendees. 

This Saturday fight for a place in the final against the second heads of series, The  Ferrero-Ferrer still in competition, Ferrero does not want to wake up from this dream and win the final victory with one of his best friends on the circuit.  

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