mardi 2 octobre 2012

Juan Carlos Ferrero honored at the Seville tennis challenger

on September 10th , on the occasion of the 50th edition of the Seville challenger tournament, Juan Carlos Ferrero was the guest of honour and received a small tribute for the whole of his career. On this occasion, Juan said:
"I didn't had the good fortune to play this tournament because I didn't spent much time in Challengers , but I take the opportunity to congratulate you because I know how hard it is turning 50 and I hope that you will continue for many more. "

In addition, the tennis player received another gift, this time of the hands of the President of Real Betis football club , Miguel Guillén, present in the Act "as friend and tennis lover", as explained by Javier Aguirre. It's a Betis team shirt with his name on the back, for being , in the words of Guillen, ''a little bit more bético" .
Juan Carlos Ferrero has been very grateful because "it is always nice that they remember your career". "Thank you also for the wild cards given to the kids from the Academy because for them it is a leap in quality", said the tennis player in reference to the invitations that the tournament has given to several players from the Equelite Academy.

 in addition, Ferrero has had time to give his opinion on the future of the Spanish tennis : 
"The era that comes in the next few years will be difficult to beat. Now we have Rafa (Nadal), Nico (Almagro)... We had Corretja, Moya, also me... We have been always on top, so it will be hard to beat. I wish them luck and I am sure that the Spanish tennis will pull forward" .

Finally, the honoree has revealed that at the end of the year he will decide to retire from the professional tennis but he'll play his last tournament in Valencia : "I'll play in Valencia, which makes me especially excited because it's at home ."
Then Juan said about his more distant future that he'll not discard the idea of being coach, but not after a break.

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