mardi 31 juillet 2012

Juan Carlos at the Playa Luanca tennis open

Juan Carlos will take part this week to a tennis open exhibition in Spain called "Playa Tenis Luanca"(July 30th-August 2nd) which specificity is to be played on a beach ! 4 Spanish players will each other and the two better players will play the final .
* rules :
 the tournament will be played by the system "Round Robin". four players have been invited by the Club de Tenis Luanco. Each of the players compete against each other on a league. The two highest ranked players in the league will contest the final. During the playoffs, will be awarded one point for a win. If at the end of the league there is a tie on points between two players , will decide the outcome of the match played between them. If the tie is between three players, decide the number of sets won by each and if still a tie, decide the number of games won by each. All matches will be played in the sand track of the beach of La Ribera Luanco.
* players list :
Juan Carlos Ferrero
Albert Montañés 
Albert Ramos
Daniel Muñoz
* program :

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