lundi 30 janvier 2012

Juan Carlos Ferrero returns to the Davis Cup !!!

Very great news today since Juan Carlos Ferrero has been called to play the first round of the Davis Cup alongside Nicolas Almagro (which also makes his return in the competition), Marcel Granollers and Marc López .it's been since 2009 that Juan had not participated in the davis Cup and it is obviously a great joy for him to have been selected. 
immediately here are the reactions of Juan Carlos and Nicolas: 
Juan Carlos Ferrero: 
"I am very pleased and grateful to be able to return to the team. It is no doubt, as a second youth for me.  Representing his country is the best that can happen to a player and I am very pleased that it re-surfaced me confidence to defend our colours."
Nicolás Almagro:
"during two years it has been very difficult to join the team because of the great players who were called as Rafael (Nadal) and David (Ferrer), then for me it is a pride to fight for Spain, sportingly speaking, and there is no doubt that I will give the best of me to lead the team to the top." 
So let's go on 10, 11 and 12 February at the Palais des Sports of Oviedo in Spain to follow the 1st round of the davis Cup, which will face the Spain against the Kazakhstan. 
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